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With a strong R&D activity for many years, Mooven has expanded its service by creating CTIsuccess. Historical actors of non-pharmaceutical interventions, we have developed innovative processes and tools (digital platform, videoconference system) to facilitate and optimize the realization of interventional studies in the field of adapted physical activities. This scientific expertise, which can be transposed to all NPIs, allows us to design projects with rigorous methodologies by targeting health indicators adapted to your project in order to evaluate its effectiveness on both bio-psycho-social and medico-economic aspects.

«The development of the use of non-drug interventions is conditioned by the production of scientific data in rigorous clinical trials » (Report from the french Haute Autorité de Santé , 2011) 

What we stand for

  • CTIsuccess is specialized in Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions, relying on all its expertise in the field of Adapted Physical Activities.
  • Involved in research since 1991, our teams have developed numerous partnerships around well-being and non-pharmaceutical interventions.
  • Our solutions allow us to conduct interventional studies, particularly in adapted physical activities, in a completely dematerialized manner and 100% compatible within the health context.
  • To raise awareness among industrial players, researchers and health professionals who are in charge of a project to improve the health and quality of life of the population through a standardization process for Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions.
  • Promote access for patients and healthcare professionals to useful and secure digital and educational innovation.
  • The benefit for people is our priority, for that we implement our competences in the service of the citizens, the users of the health system, the participants and the patients.
  • To bring the benefits of clinical and technological advances in practices, products and medical devices to all sick or disabled people as well as to healthy subjects.

French research tax credit approval CIR (2020, 2021, 2022)

Since 2019, CTI success is a member of:

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Our expertise


Our teams are actively involved in several R&D projects, in order to promote the state of knowledge on the bio-psycho-social impact and the medico-economic benefits of NPIs.

To design and carry out your clinical research projects, but also to evaluate their results and enhance their impact, trust the expertise of CTIsuccess by Mooven, as do many recognized players in Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions, research laboratories and health structures.

A highly qualified and committed team in the fields of digital and health such as sedentary lifestyle, normal and pathological aging (degenerative diseases), occupational health, chronic diseases (malignancy, metabolism), nutritional diseases, rare diseases such as cystic fibrosis, lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases or even long-term mental disorders such as depression and schizophrenia

It is composed of 5 PhDs and more than 15 MSc.

Our services

Service provider for preclinical, clinical and epidemiological research activities specialized in Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions for the public and private sectors.


  • Writing of the clinical research protocol
  • Scientific advice
  • Management of funding requests


  • Drafting of the study documents
  • Administrative, regulatory and financial procedures
  • Creation of the digital database (eCRF)


  • Study promotion
  • Coordination of clinical investigations
  • Data management and monitoring


  • Biostatistical analysis
  • Scientific and professional publications
  • Communication in congress

MUST in the NPIs field:

  • Collaborative development and writing of the scientific rationale for the study
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of innovative programs based on scientific recommendations
  • Minimization of geographical constraints (Videoconference system integrated to the digital platform)

Your needs


Guidance on the level of evidence expected

You want clear answers that enable go/no-go decision-making on your R&D questions to maximize the potential value of your product or healthcare project.

  • Need for proof of mechanism (PoM)
  • Need for proof of principle (PoP)
  • Need for proof of concept (PoC)
  • Search for funding

Improve your resources, your expertise, your deadlines and the efficiency of your processes

  • Drafting of the study documents
  • Administrative and regulatory procedures
  • Interventional research not devoid of risks
  • Interventional research excluding minimal risk drugs (list established by order of 2/12/2016)
  • Interventional research with drugs
  • Medical device
  • Designing a clinical research study and/or promoting it
  • Conducting interventional clinical trials (RIPH 1, RIPH 2, RIPH 3)
  • Secure data management
  • Biostatistical analysis
  • Valorization and dissemination of your scientific results

Our experts

"I lead the expertise projects in APA and I manage our office in Caen".
Lucile Bigot (PhD)
Head of Science and Technology Expertise
"I translate a customer need into a digital solution and develop the LudoMoov© digital game library"
Jessica Bouquet
"I am in charge of the international development of our solutions"
Claire Boursier (PhD)
Head of International Development
"My job is to ease the implementation and realization of your projects"
Alex Cousien (MSc)
Clinical Research Project Manager
"I am an expert in conducting APA sessions in the Nancy area."
Margaux Dutremez
EAPA Expert
"I adapt the principles of board games for real educational creativity."
Valérie Falkenrodt
APA Coordinator and LudoMoov digital game library
"I am an expert in conducting APA sessions in the Caen area."
Christian Fontaine
EAPA Expert
"I am an expert in qualitative research and measuring the impact of your projects."
Amélie Fuchs (PhD)
Head of Impact and Quality
"I am an expert in conducting APA sessions in the Montpellier area."
Ludivine Geray
EAPA Expert
"I lead the CRO and make sure that our proposals match your needs".
Aline Herbinet (PhD)
Director of Research and Innovation
"I am an expert in coordinating interventions."
Alice Humeau
APA and Prescription Coordinator
"I am an expert in the realization of APA sessions in the region of Metz and Longwy".
Célia Isch
APA and Resources Coordinator
"I am an expert in coordinating interventions in the Montpellier area".
Elsa Javernaud
APA Coordinator, Health Education, Patient Therapeutic Education
"I am an expert in the realization of APA sessions in Montpellier and particularly in oncology and cystic fibrosis."
Cécile Marcelin
APA & Prevention Coordinator
"My job is to set up and control the quality processes."
Amandine Miglic
Quality and Technical Project Manager
"My mission is to ensure the adequacy of human and material resources to guarantee the efficient realization of your projects."
Sophie Naili (Msc)
Director of Resources and Networks
"My job: to develop the specific digital solutions needed to realize your project".
Yohan Pastor
Digital Development Manager
"I provide IT support from maintenance to advice and guidance to users of our solutions".
Rémi Pérard
IT Support Project Manager
"I manage the network of professionals in intervention, and push for new solutions in order to guarantee the territorial coverage of our services".
Ghislain Quai
Head of Educational Network
"I am in charge of developing our products and services to guarantee the realization of your projects in the best economic and temporal conditions"
Gauthier Ruspini (MSc)
Production and Services Director
"My business, turning your dreams into data and value them."
Robin Salesse (PhD)
Head of Science, Innovations and Data
"I am an expert in handling intervention sessions in the Bordeaux area and manage cohorts of participants."
Adeline Tourgis
APA and Cohort Coordinator
"I am an expert in providing APA sessions in the Grenoble area."
Marie Vanderboucke
EAPA Expert
"My mission: to implement innovation projects to promote the development of research in the field of non-pharmaceutical interventions."
Chloé Zaffuto (MSc)
Innovation Project Manager

CTIsuccess is also a network of more than 1500 structures specialized in intervention at the national and international level.

Our SAPATIC© digital platform


Our teams in charge of the projects also ensure a faithful monitoring of the data, on site and remotely (secure and telephone), in interaction with all the partners of the study


We take full responsibility for data management activities. From the development of digital databases to their archiving for a minimum of 5 years, we create and manage with our clients customized digital platforms, specially designed for field research and certified for health data hosting.

We work together

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